Pink Oyster Mushroom Log Growing Log Kit




Pink Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

Whether you're looking for great projects for the kids, gifts for gourmands or just plain great eating, try one or all of our terrific mushroom kits.

We give you everything you need to grow different mushrooms that will provide a daily dose of vital energy and a boost to your fresh food quotient!! Gourmet mushrooms cost a fortune in the stores and we all know that eating something that you picked 5 minutes ago is hands-down better than what you can get in the grocery store.

These kits come complete with the following

Plug Spawn, Sealing Wax, Detailed Instructions, & Information Pack

The only tools you will need to provide is an electric drill and a 5/16" drill bit, and a fresh cut log/stump

Pink oyster mushrooms are named for their vibrant pink color. The scientific name for this tropical mushroom is Pleurotus djamor. They are classified under the group Agaricales, like the more common button and other gilled mushrooms. They are also known as Salmon oyster mushrooms. The oyster-shaped Pink Flamingo mushrooms grow in clusters like their Blue and yellow relatives. Their color is intensely pink when raw and changes to an orange brown color when cooked. The mushroom’s caps are roughly two to 5 centimeters in size and are meaty in texture, despite their thin flesh. Pink Flamingo oyster mushrooms taste like bacon or ham and their flavor intensifies when cooked. Undercooked or raw Pink Flamingo oysters have a sour taste. The aroma is pungent, which is very characteristic of the oyster mushroom

We provide wax for sealing the holes, Mushroom Information Booklet, and Instructions on how to inoculate your log.

Items you will need to provide: Power Drill, and a 5/16" Drill Bit, and a fresh hardwood log.

NOTE: Our kit will do 1 log 40" long and 3-8" in diameter.

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