1 Rye Grain Mushroom Substrate Jar Pre-Sterilized Ready To Be Inoculated Organic



 BRF Brown Rice Flour Mushroom Substrate

Cake Organic Sterilized

Here we have 1 half pint Jar, filled with the traditional PF Tek mixture of organic brown rice flour, vermiculite, and water. Our jars are guaranteed fresh and sterile and come with four drilled and taped holes in the lids for easy and fuss-free inoculation.

Clean purified water is mixed with organic brown rice flour and grade A vermiculite. A dry vermiculite layer tops off the mixture.

Our jars are then sterilized using our steam and pressure sterilizers, allowing us to guarantee them free from contamination.

The jars are shipped with four drilled and taped holes in the inverted dome lid. The clear tap allows for easy, fuss-free inoculation.

This basic PF Tek recipe will support the mycelium growth of a wide variety of mushroom species. It makes a great basic fruiting cake for oyster mushrooms as well as other exotic species..

Made to order, usually ships in 2-5 days. While our PF Tek jars are guaranteed to arrive sterilized and free of contaminants, they are still somewhat perishable. Please use jars within 14 days of receiving your order. We are unable to offer replacements for unused jars after that time frame.

Note to International customers: due to increased exposure and potential of longer transit times, we cannot extend our standard replacement guarantee to customers receiving this product outside the USA. You may still place an order for and receive this product, but you will receive it "as is," without claim to replacement material should you experience contamination or failure.

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