• Reishi Mushroom Growing Habitat Log Pre Inoculated kit organic
  • Reishi Mushroom Growing Habitat Log Pre Inoculated kit organic

Reishi Mushroom Growing Habitat Log Pre Inoculated kit organic



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 Reishi Mushroom

Habitat Log

( Pre-Inoculated )

Now you can create a whole ecosystem around your
pre-inoculated mushroom growing  log!

All you do is place the log into your selected environment, terrarium, vivarium, or other
environment that supports warmth and humidity. 

Your mushroom log needs rest and warmth to finish its incubation period before it will start to grow mushrooms; this is generally 1-2 months after receiving your log

As your log ages the mycelium (fungus) of the mushroom will continue to colonize
the log, producing more mushrooms and additional growth around the whole log and
even the ends of the log making for a spectacular addition to your tank.

Your log isn’t just for decorative purpose; it plays an important role to help balance out your
terrariums, or vivarium environment by raising humidity levels and filtering out toxins from the surrounding environment. The mushrooms growing on the log are also complementary by producing a slow release of carbon dioxide as they break down the log, which provides a perfect source of food for the plants that produce the needed oxygen for healthy plant life and ecosystems. It all makes for a lovely harmonious system, just like nature intended.

These mushrooms are 100% edible, and have medicinal benefitsTea Recipe Included

NOTE: This log is 5" long and 2-3" in diameter


Reishi Mushroom Log ( lingzhi )
The name can bring to mind Chinese emperors, and ancient forests.
 Not  surprising, as reishi has been used in china for over 2,000 years! This  mushroom has a long history of use as an herbal medicine. Modern  research is now confirming its healing power in the body There  are six different types of Ganoderma lucidium: red, purple, green,  white, yellow, and black. The red mushroom is the most well-studied and  is said to possess the most healing properties Reishi is known as lingzhi (mushroom of immortality) in China and mannentake (10,000 year  mushroom) in Japan. It is sometimes also referred to as the “herb of  spiritual potency.”


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