Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Log Kit



Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Growing Log Kit

Fruiting Temperature: 65–75° F
Phoenix Oyster Ideal Wood Types: piñon pine, fir, spruce 

Also known as the Indian Oysters, Pleurotus pulmonarius thrives on conifer stumps and logs, especially spruces and fir; after incubating the logs may be partially buried, vertically-oriented, to conserve water during fruiting. This species enjoys warm climates, producing large, white-beige mushrooms.

Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Growing Log Kit: We provide mushroom information booklet, Instructions on how to inoculate your logs / stump, and Wax for sealing the holes. Items you will need to provide: Power Drill, and a 5/16" Drill Bit, and a fresh hardwood log / Stump.

NOTE: This kit will do 1 log 40" long and 3-8" in diameter, or 1 large stump. 


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