Breathable Polypropylene Bags for mushroom cultivation 5 count pack



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Mushroom grow bag 5 count

8"X5"X19" (2.2mil PP Filter) A 1.5"X1.5" (0.5 micron filter)

these bags are perfect for sterilizing and spawning your own grains and
producing your own spawn.
the bag allows for proper gas exchange, but will not allow contaminants into the bag.

You can also fruit directly in the bag. The side-gusseted bag creates a sturdy
stand-up bag after filling and a strong bottom seal.

Our bags are pliable at any temperature as well as after sterilization. The bag opening is designed for easy sealing, and the bag's bottom seal can withstand agitation.

We have been using these bags for our mushroom spawn production for years with great
success and have decided to offer them to our customers.

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