Blue Oyster Mushroom Log Growing Log Kit



Blue Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

Whether you're looking for great projects for the kids, gifts for gourmands or just plain great eating, try one or all of our terrific mushroom kits.We give you everything you need to grow different mushrooms that will provide a daily dose of vital energy and a boost to your fresh food quotient!! Gourmet mushrooms cost a fortune in the stores and we all know that eating something that you picked 5 minutes ago is hands-down better than what you can get in the grocery store. Blue Oyster Mushroom Growing Log Kit Fruiting Temperature: 45–65° FIdeal Wood Types: alder, maple, oak, beech, birch, ash, sweet gumThe Blue Oyster mushroom is ideal for mushroom growers who live in cooler climates. It tends to fruit well in the early spring and fall, producing beautiful steel-blue to blue-gray mushrooms. Like its sister species the Pearl Oyster, the Blue Oyster is extremely aggressive and grows on a wide range of deciduous hardwoods.These kits come complete with the following Plug Spawn, Sealing Wax, Detailed Instructions, Recipe Booklet &Information SheetThe only tools you will need to provide is an electric drill and a 5/16" drill bit, and a fresh cut log/stump

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