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Shane Mulholland is a mycology instructor and naturalist. He currently teaches a series of mushroom cultivation workshops at the University of Michigan, Matthew Botanical Gardens and Eastern Michigan University, Hidden Lake Gardens as well as other locations throughout Michigan and the United States. Shane has been featured in many news articles and magazines throughout the country. Shane has over 10 years of experience working with and growing culinary & medicinal mushrooms and working with medicinal herbs and plants. He teaches workshops in mushroom cultivation and mycological restoration techniques. His programs blend permacultural principles with hands-on mushroom cultivation. Shane has also created a series of fun and educational mushroom growing kits that link to his workshops or can be purchased separately on his website. These kits include edible and medicinal mushrooms, as well as, the purely-for-fun Glow-in-the-Dark mushroom kit. In 1999, Shane moved from Michigan to the mountains of western North Carolina with an interest in hunting medicinal herbs. Spending much of his time hiking the Appalachian Trails in search of Ginseng, he encountered many different varieties of mushrooms. Each encounter was a mystery until he determined to learn all that he could about these fascinating growths. He soon discovered which mushroom varieties were poisonous, which were edible and which held medicinal benefits. He dedicated eight acres of cool, damp land to producing gourmet mushrooms. The first mushroom he grew was the Shiitake mushroom – great to eat, but with a power-punch of nutritional and medicinal benefits.* Shane soon focused on growing the edible gourmet varieties of mushrooms and began selling them to various upscale restaurants and farmers markets. After a devastating fire, Shane returned to his roots in Michigan where he has continued his mycological studies, cultivating and harvesting, and teaching people about the fascinating world of mushrooms.

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